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The long awaited email from Clark arrived today asking us to submit our summer vacation requests by the end of the week.

And, of course, every single person wants the same two weeks in July.

You’d think this might be tough for Clark. That it would require some hard decisions and skilful negotiation.

But no.

In a brilliant display of post-modern management, Clark made it clear that he expects us, as a group, to “work out” our vacation requests before they’re submitted so that no more than two people are away at one time.

You have to give Clark credit. He’s yet to meet a management decision he hasn’t been able to avoid.

Our efforts to “work out” our holiday schedule quickly went downhill.

Tears, tyranny, and blackmail.

…We finally agreed on a lottery.

I got two weeks in June.

Most everyone else just got angry.

Typhoid Mildred shouted “Right. I’m speaking to Clark!”

We marched to his office, shades of an angry mob.

But when we got there, Jason, his latest admin assistant told us that Clark couldn’t be disturbed.

I looked in Clark’s office and watched him working on his golf swing.

He’s planning 3 weeks off in July and I guess he needs to get in some early practice.

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