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Today I shared an elevator with Carlita Paonessa.

Just the two of us.

Ironically, that was the Muzak playing as we were going up.

3rd Floor
I say “Hello.” Carlita checks her blackberry.

4th Floor
She looks up and says “It’s Adam, right?”

5th Floor
I say “Alan.”

6th Floor
I scratch my head.

7th Floor
We both cough at the same time.

8th Floor
I say “So, I hear you’re re-branding our website.”

9th Floor
She says “Not any more. Clark canceled the project. Christ!”

10th Floor
I say “Oh. What are you working on now?”

11th Floor
She laughs strangely. “Good Question.”

12th Floor
Carlita shakes her head and says “Idiots.” I nod but have no idea what she is talking about.

14th Floor
I say “Do you think they’ll ever bring back the 13th floor?”

15th Floor – 20th Floor
Uncomfortable silence.

21st Floor.
She says “Look, Adam. Let’s just keep this conversation between us. Okay?”

21st Floor
I say “Alan.”

22nd Floor
She says “Right. Sorry. Whatever. But just between us. Yeah?”

23rd Floor
I say “Okay.”

24th Floor
The doors open. We walk out. I go left. She goes right.

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