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I admit it. Curiosity got the best of me. I couldn’t help myself.

I had to find out if any of the people I work with have any kind of “web presence.”

I wanted to find out more about them without actually having to talk to them.

The results were… Interesting.

Typhoid Mildred.

Not surprisingly, Mildred isn’t heavily into the whole social networking aspect of the World Wide Web.

She’s not LinkedIn, there’s no Facebook or MySpace page for Mildred.

And if I said “Hey Mildred, can I Twitter you?” she’d probably kick me in the nuts.

I doubt she even has a computer at home. Mildred calls the one she has here a “typewriter.” I take that as a pretty good indication she’s not all that “tech savvy.”

But her name does come up as a member of the local Robbie Burns Appreciation Society. The other members are Maggie and Molly.

It’s a small group.

Curious bit of trivia: All three members of the local Robbie Burns Appreciation Society are women whose first names start with the letter “M.”

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