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Our new Acting Manager, Carlita Paonessa, informed me that I’m being sent to the new Vancouver office for three weeks to train sales staff.

Carlita wears power very well.   

The truth is, I get a little weak at the knees when she orders me around…    

Anyway, I’m at the airport and I just overheard a very strange conversation…

Airport Chat

Man – Delays, delays. Planes are always late.

Woman – I guess…

Man – Hi. I’m a professional bowler. Ever heard of me?

Woman – Um, what’s your name?

Man – Pete.

Woman – Pete, what?

Man – Pete Fressner. Professional bowler.

Woman – I don’t follow bowling much.

Man – So, you’ve never heard of me?

Woman – No. Sorry.

Man – Well, I’m not one of the biggies… yet. But someday.

Woman – I’m sure… It must be an interesting career… Bowling.

Man – Well, it keeps me in spare change… That’s a bowler’s joke.

Woman – Yes. Very funny.

Man – So, you’re going Vancouver?

Woman – Uh huh.

Man – Me too. Guess what for.

Woman – To bowl…?

Man – No, to visit my father. He’s sick.

Woman – Oh, I’m sorry.

Man – Ever heard of him?

Woman – Who?

Man – My father, he was a curler.

Woman – And his name is…?

Man – James Fressner. Professional curler.

Woman – I don’t follow curling much.

Man – Well, he wasn’t what you’d call one of the biggies. Still, he had a following.

Woman – I’m sure he did.

Man – So, are you married?

Woman – What?

Man – You married?

Woman – Uh, no actually I’m not.

Man – Great! Wanna bowl a few games in Vancouver?

Woman – I’m engaged.

Man – To who? Maybe I heard of him.

Woman – I doubt it.

Man – Let me guess, his name is Roger, right?

Woman – No. Do you know if there’s a washroom nearby?

Man – No. So, are you gonna marry this guy, Roger, or whatever his name is?

Woman – I think I just heard my name over the P.A. I should check.

Man – Your fiancé… Does he bowl?

Woman – No. He plays tennis.

Man – Really? He’s not Roger Federer is he? I’ve heard of him.

Woman – No. He does it in his spare time. He’s a doctor.

Man – Dr. Phil? I heard of him.

Woman – Look, I really don’t like you asking me all these personal questions.

Man – Fair enough… So, you ever bowl?

Woman – No. Never.

Man – Never?

Woman – Well… 5 pin. Years ago.

Man – 5 pin? What alley? Maybe I know it.

Woman – I don’t remember.

Man – Oh. So, what do you do?

Woman – I’m a realtor.

Man – Really? I got a house. Maybe you know it.

Woman – Maybe I do. Where the fuck is it?

Man – Donlands and Curlew.

Woman – Never heard of it. Never want to hear of it!

Man – Gotcha. You got a house?

Woman – Yeah, I got a house. A big house. An expensive house.

Man – What? About two million?

Woman – Easily.

Man – Nice. Wanna go out some time?

Woman – Not in a million years!

Man – Oh… It’s because I’m a bowler, isn’t it?

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