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I needed to borrow a stapler. I asked Mary Margaret, the woman with braces and the white streak in her hair. She giggled. And then she leant me one.

That was that… Right?


When I got back to my desk there was an email joke from Mary Margaret. The subject line was “Spineless Chiropractors.”

Then, another email from Mary Margaret. Attached was a video. In it, a fat old man was singing that he doesn’t “look good naked anymore.” I had to agree.

Then I got another joke email from her… And then another… And another…

Mary Margaret is a joke forwarder.

I just wanted to borrow a stapler.

She just sent me a JPEG of cats in hats. Not one cat. Not two cats. But ten cats. Ten cats in hats.

Great, now I sound like Dr. Seuss…

She just sent five more!

I keep deleting. They keep arriving.

What circle of Hell do they “write” these things in?

Subject: “FW: What goes tee hee hee and then explodes?”

I hope the answer is “Mary Margaret.”

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