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Farook from Accounting has started an office lottery pool.

Everyone on our floor is playing. I don’t know if that’s a statement about job satisfaction or just that nobody wants to be the one person left behind if the pool strikes pay dirt.

I suspect it’s a combination of both.

I’d never actually seen Farook at his desk working – until he started the lottery pool.

I think running the lottery pool is the only thing he does here. He treats it like it’s his new job.

And he’s turned a fairly simple and innocent exercise into a bureaucratic monster.

There are lots of rules to Farook’s lottery pool.

Rules about what happens if you don’t pay in a timely manner
Rules about what happens when you’re on vacation
Rules about reinvestment of minor winnings

And on and on it goes…

He wants to give a PowerPoint presentation to provide us with “additional context and background.”

He has spreadsheets. He has graphs. The one thing he doesn’t seem to have is luck. We’re 0 for 10 so far. Not even a free ticket.

As far as I’m concerned the whole thing is becoming just like work. I have to make sure I have my money in on time, sign off on my payment, verify numbers, and assist on the committee which reconciles payments.

I’d stop the nonsense now but, really, if they ever won and I was the only one left behind, I’d have to kill myself.

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