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Jack from Payroll is a sweet old man. He’s also a problem…

According to Typhoid Mildred, Jack has been around since the “good old days.”

Mildred’s pretty upfront that in her view the good old days ended when Hamish Industries started hiring the likes of me.

Jack cheerfully introduces himself as “Hi, I’m almost retired.”

He likes telling people that he won’t be around here much longer.

Jack has 9 months and 3 days until he retires. And smiling Jack happily admits that he checked out about 2 years ago and is “coasting through to retirement.”

Jack is my payroll contact and to date I’ve had nothing but grief. Deductions wrong, pension credits wrong, pay wrong, hours wrong and on and on and on.

Jack’s reply? A chuckle, a shrug, and “I’m almost retired.”

Fair enough, Jack, but I’ve got another 30 years and I wouldn’t mind getting paid sometime before then.

Jack laughs. Apparently I take things too seriously. I need to “go with the flow.”

I’d threaten to complain but it would get me nowhere. Jack’s at the point in his career where he has no fear left. He’s done his time and is just waiting for the parole paperwork to be completed.

So, it would appear that for the next 9 months and 3 days I’m out of luck.

Until then, I’ll get “Jack” from payroll.

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