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sick days no shoes
Today we all received a memo from Trudy in HR regarding “office attire” policy.

Trudy was reminding us that: “Women should not wear cut off shorts, tube/halter tops or have underwear exposed.”

“Women” not “men.”

So either us guys aren’t a problem or our underwear is considered acceptable for public viewing. If I had the nerve, I’d show up tomorrow in a belly shirt just to see which it is.

The email was actually directed at Naline.

Since it’s gotten warmer, Naline has started wearing less clothing. A lot less clothing.

Rumour has it that somewhere on the 23rd floor there was a recent Naline thong sighting. Apparently it caused a major panic. Thank goodness no one died.

Naline, bless her exposed belly button, wrote Trudy a rather surprising email and Cc’d all of us on it.


I agree. Exposed undies are a problem. But we need to remember that some of the ladies here are on the extra large size and are packing more reinforced armour than Sherman Tanks. It’s only natural we’ll catch the occasional glimpse of orthopedic girdle.

The “extra large” crack was aimed squarely at big Trudy.

We’ve started an office pool on “How long until Naline gets fired?”

Later, I asked Typhoid Mildred if she was upset that she wouldn’t be allowed to wear halter tops anymore.

She squinted, called me a “prat” and then said “it means no more ogling my body for you, ya bloody useless wanker.”

Then she went back to her filing.

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