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So, my boss, Clark, assigned me to participate on the “spirit” committee…

Our job was to come up with ways to boost employee morale and “foster a positive and productive workplace culture.”

I was skeptical, cynical, and uninterested, which – apparently – made me an ideal candidate for membership…

But I did my part and showed up at the meetings.

I wouldn’t call them productive but we did get one idea off the ground…

“The First Annual Hamish Awards.”

…I didn’t say it was a good idea.

But it was all we had.

So we prepared nomination forms, posters and communication materials and were planning a lunch hour “event kick off” later this month…

Unfortunately, it appears our chair, Trudy from HR, overstepped her authority.

Turns out that forms, posters, kick offs and awards cost money.

And while Hamish Industries is big on “spirit” it is even bigger on “cost constraint.”

I’m told the “upper ups” went ballistic when Trudy shared our plan.

Apparently their plan was that we could “foster a positive and productive workplace culture” without a budget.

(I guess they were thinking “free spirit.” Although, I’m sure they’re not too fond of that either.)

And so, in typical Hamish Industries fashion, I received a memo this morning thanking me for my participation but advising that the “spirit” committee was being disbanded and that all “spirit activities” were being suspended until such time as a more fiscally responsible spirit committee could be appointed.

Please feel free to frown, however.

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