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Today, we said “goodbye” to Janice from accounts receivable.

She resigned because her husband has been offered a job opportunity in Texas.

I’m told Janice has been the backbone of accounts receivable since she arrived here 15 years ago.

I can believe it. She’s respected, dignified and classy.

So, naturally, our send off had to be the exact opposite.

At 4 p.m. a handful of us were rounded up into a boardroom to wish her well.

There were 2 balloons and a frozen cake in a plastic container. The price was still on it. It was marked down. Twice.

16 people showed up. Half of them because they just wanted cake.

Janice was ushered in.

Three of us yelled “Surprise.”

Judging by her face, you’d have thought we yelled “How disappointing is this?”

Her direct manager didn’t show up. Clark subbed in for the “management speaker” role.

He mumbled something about Janice being a great team player and wished her luck in Kansas.

Next, he presented her with the $20 gift card her coworkers had chipped in to buy.

Clark opened the floor for others to speak. No one did.

Then Clark wished her well and said he had to take a call.

Before he left, he suggested she say something.

Janice very quietly thanked us. Then she cut the cake. Rather forcefully…

This is what you get for 15 years of dedicated service.

Wonder what you get for 20?

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