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Oleg from IT sent me an email and asked me to have lunch with him. At least I think he did…

To: alantruitt@hamishindustries.com
Subject: Lunch?
Alan, I’m thinking of having lunch today. If not today, probably tomorrow. If you want to join me, that would be fine. But if not that’s okay too. Because it might not be today. Or tomorrow. Depends. But lunch would be good.

Last month he did a remote fix on my computer.

I wrote him an email. It said “Thanks for your help, Oleg.”

Now he writes me every three or four days… I call him “Oleg the Ambiguous.”

Help me figure out this one…

To: alantruitt@hamishindustries.com
Subject: Software Flaw?
Alan, I’m going to be patching a system flaw that will help avoid malicious software that can slip into unprotected IE browsers such as yours. Not yours specifically. In fact, this likely won’t affect you. Most likely. So likely not so.

Thanks for clearing that up, Oleg…

I’ve never actually met the guy. I’ve been by his cube a bunch of times and he’s never there. I wrote him and said as much.

He immediately wrote back…

To: alantruitt@hamishindustries.com
Subject: Not There?
Alan, you must have just missed me. Yes, I wasn’t there. But I was here. Just not there. I’m usually there. Most times. Unless I’m not. I don’t know where I was. Obviously somewhere else. Hope this clears things up. I’m here now.

I ran over to his cube. He wasn’t there…

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