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This morning we lost all internet, email and phone access. That kind of thing can have a really weird impact on the office. It was like a horror movie…

Interior. Hamish Industries – Morning

Staff work at their desks; typing furiously and talking on the phones. All is as it should be.

Suddenly, lights flicker. Computer screens go black. Phone lines die.

Staff sit in stunned silence and tap their “ESC” keys. Slowly at first but then rapidly and repeatedly…

Murmurs of “My computer is down. Is your computer down?” fill the air.

The horrid realization hits us – the computers are down!

Heads pop up over the tops of baffles. Someone screams.

An eerie feeling sinks into the office…

Staff groan then rise and wander the corridors aimlessly. Their eyes glaze over.

Zombie staff stagger; arms outstretched. They descend on my boss, Clark.

They moan “Computers are down.”

They grab at his arms and jacket. Clark screams at them to do some damned filing.

He fights them off with a chair and runs into his office. Staff beat on his door but he bolts it shut.

Zombie Otto enters my cube. His dead eyes filled with menace. He marches toward me. “Must…Have… Your… Blackberry…”

The power comes back on.

Otto looks at me. He seems stunned. Everyone does.

Otto asks me what he’s doing in my office. I say he came here to lend me money. He rolls his eyes and leaves.

The power is back on. The nightmare is over. For now…

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