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You know how it is when something gets under your skin. Like a dripping faucet. Or a branch hitting a window. It’s not the sound that bugs you. It’s the repetition…

When you aren’t hearing it – you’re waiting for it.

There’s been a cube shuffle. I have a new neighbour. Naline Rioux. Naline is short and sort of cute. She has massive boobs and big red hair.

She’s also a huge country music fan…

Naline likes to sing country music songs. She doesn’t sing them loudly. That I could get behind…

Naline whisper-sings. All day long. And out of tune.

I’ve scoured our HR policies. I’ve looked through the employee assistance program. I’ll even check the Geneva Convention – because if this isn’t against company policy, it’s definitely a crime against humanity.

It got to the point where she finishes singing a song… And I sit wondering… Wondering if it’s finally over… Waiting, waiting, and then…

Jolene, Jolene…

Today I got up my nerve, went over and asked if she could please stop singing.

She said “Ha! Who? Me? Singing? No way! Was I singing?”

I said “Yes.”

She said “Wow. Sor-ry! You must think I’m nuts.”

I said something like, “Oh, you know, who isn’t around here.”

She burst out laughing. Then she gently punched me on the shoulder and promised to try and stop singing.

I said “Thanks!” and went back to my cube.

30 seconds later.

Working 9 to 5/ What a way to make a livin’…

You got that right, Naline. What a way to make a living.

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