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There are 136 emails in my inbox.

No problem, I can deal with them all in under five minutes:

136 emails.

I instantly delete all “forwarded jokes” sent to me by Mary Margaret. That leaves:

107 emails.

I delete all duplicate emails forwarded by people who don’t know how to read distribution lists. They start with the line, “not sure if you received this…” So now I have:

83 emails.

Next, I quickly delete all emails relating to social events, workplace wellness, lost eyeglasses, found eyeglasses, and complaints about old food found in the fridge. So it’s down to:

64 emails.

From there, I delete all emails from Otto. Just because he drives me around the bend. Okay, I’ve got:

57 emails.

After that, I lose corporate emails that contain information not relevant in any way, shape or form to my actual job but which are sent to everyone in order to be inclusive, transparent and share information. I’m at:

39 emails.

Next, I quickly scan the balance and delete the emails from my colleagues providing sarcastic comments on other emails. I looked for lines like “Can you believe Clark expects us to do this???!!” That takes me to:

7 emails.

Finally, I delete the ones with subject lines such as “My humble request for your loyal assistance” and “Buy the #1 diet pill!” Leaving me with:

1 email.

It’s from my mom. I’ll read it – if I know what’s good for me.

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