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So, I Googled Otto…

My guess: He makes up 90% of the web’s content.

He’s LinkedIn, on Facebook, MySpace, etc…

But where he really has a presence is on the comment boards.

He goes by many Otto pun aliases… Otto-bon, Otto-mobile, Otto-maton, Otto-code…

All of them link to Otto@HamishIndustries.com

Otto-cracy, Otto-type, Otto-matic …

There are more, but you get the idea…

He has opinions on astrophysics, video gaming, fly fishing. I’m not sure any of them make any sense… I’m just saying he has lots of opinions.

He has 12 Blogs.

My favourite entry was from his business blog: “Otto’s Top 5 Successful Office Networking Tips.”

1.   Treat All Events as Networking – From borrowing money from relatives to getting a haircut. It’s all networking!!!
2.   Be Positive – Remember, you’re the best. Now get out there and meatwork.*
3.   Small Talk, Small Talk, Small Talk – Learn stock phrases like, “Sounds good.” And “Let’s do this on the move.” Watch the sales roll in!
4.   Business Cards are KEY – Leave them in phone booths, pass them out at the line-ups in Wendy’s, stand on street corners handing them out like leaflets. You need to “be out there.”
5.   Nestwork** – Talk to 200 new clients a day. No excuses. Do it!

This is pretty rich. Especially when you consider that everyone here pretends to be on the phone when Otto walks by.

*I think this is a typo.
**Again, likely a typo…I think.

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