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Valentine’s Day is the great equalizer.

Title, position, office location are all thrown out the window.

Today, people are judged on whether or not they have a “special someone” in their life…

Lowly office drudge Mary Margaret turns into a sparkling princess when two dozen roses show up with her name on them. She may wear braces and be a plain data entry clerk here but somewhere else she is loved.

Maybe there’s more to her than we realize…

Carlita Paonessa, the office beauty and rising star has a sudden drop in status when a rumour spreads that no flowers have arrived. No cards, no phone calls…

Her boyfriend can’t think that much of her. She’s going home straight after work too.  No date.  No plans.  No nothing.

She may be beautiful but she’s no Mary Margaret…

It’s a tough day for Typhoid Mildred. She loves her job, but it doesn’t love her back.

As for weirdo Otto, he inches up a notch when he shows everyone the gigantic card and box of candy he’s planning to “give to my very nice wife.”

Meanwhile, “old school” Clark has Naline picking up a card for his wife…

He may be the boss of us, but now he just seems like a man who doesn’t have his priorities straight. A man who could learn a thing or two from Otto.

That’s right, there really is one day a year where someone in management can actually learn a thing or two from Otto…

It’s Valentine’s Day.

The great equalizer.

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